District Council Addresses Systemic Racism

Posted: 2020-06-17 07:58:46 By: thebay

District Council unanimously passed a resolution Monday recognizing current calls for social reform to address systemic racism and acknowledging the need to promote and advocate for equity and inclusion for all residents, visitors, and communities in Muskoka.  The resolution endorses the belief that a community’s social fabric and prosperity is enhanced when it is committed to the dignity of every human being and demands all residents have equal opportunity for positive educational, financial, social and health outcomes.

Staff have been directed to explore available funding opportunities and best practices from municipalities with programs, initiatives and tools that work efficiently to promote and celebrate diversity.  Leveraging that research, staff will develop recommendations on ways the District can work in partnership with our communities to promote and celebrate diversity and inclusivity; to promote opportunities for dialogue, to strengthen relationships; and to combat systemic racism.

Council will review the staff report and consider its recommendations at an upcoming Council meeting.