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District Council concerned over communication for Muskoka Marathon

District Council concerned over communication for Muskoka Marathon

Posted: 2022-09-28 07:25:00 By: thebay

During the District of Muskoka Council meeting on September 26, 2022, Councillors were informed of Bracebridge road closure updates for the Muskoka Marathon on October 1, 2022.

Mayor Rick Maloney indicated that the Town received public concerns over the past 3-4 days regarding the closure. He added, “People need to get out and do their business.”

Commissioner of Public Works and Engineering, James Steel, said, “The plan now is that Santa’s Village Road will have 1 lane closed Saturday morning until the afternoon, Golden Beach Road and highway 117 will be maintained during the event, and Beaumont Road will be one way in the morning until the afternoon, and Steven’s Bay Road will be one way out to Beaumont Road.”

Maloney added, “There will be some cases where residents will be transporting livestock and not wanting to take a stagecoach from the area for obvious reasons.”

Steele said he communicated to the resident, who will be escorted through, and others who can, “ask when they need to come out and will be escorted as well.”

Councillor, Archie Buie, inquired about whether communication has been made available to the public about controlling the speed limit.

Steele indicated, “Door to door instructions for resident owners so they will know what they can expect, along with housing signs put out regarding traffic control, and warning speed limit signs.”

Councillor Don Smith said, “I only became aware of the circumstances Friday of the event this Saturday. Lack of communication is a huge issue.” And he expressed concern about Stagecoach Road being narrow and steep.

Steele assured Council, “Lessons learned for this event and opportunities to improve how we manage and communicate to the public, and discussions will organize, i.e., not using Beaumont, in the future.” He added that a director drove on Stagecoach Road to assess the conditions and felt the route reasonable. But we can pilot out larger vehicles if they reach out to organizers.