District Council Gets An Update On District Roads Damaged By The Flood

Posted: 2019-06-25 07:28:35 By: hbr

During the most recent District of Muskoka public works meeting, council received an update on the damage done to District roads during the recent flooding and heard what’s being done to fix the resulting problems.

Mark Misko, the District manager of Roads Maintenance and Construction, provided a digital presentation which highlighted the impacts of the flooding. 

Some of the hardest hit areas included Ravenscliffe Road in Huntsville, Mortimer’s Point Road in Muskoka Lakes Township, as well as Santa’s Village Road, Beaumont Drive and Fraserburg Road in Bracebridge.

He indicated that road, bridge and culvert infrastructure across the district is now being inspected and he outlined the work required to repair the affected roads. 

Despite the fact that only Muskoka Lakes, Bracebridge and Huntsville declared states of emergency, District Chair John Klinck said he would send a letter to the Province to seek inclusion of the entire District of Muskoka for any disaster relief funds.