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District eyes loosening COVID protocols in the fall

District eyes loosening COVID protocols in the fall

Posted: 2022-06-21 08:26:31 By: thebay

In their June 20, 2022, Council meeting, the District of Muskoka announced their updated protocol for staff restrictions regarding COVID-19 for the upcoming months.

The protocol continues with relaxed restrictions, with passive screenings – where necessary for the staff and public – voluntary masks, and if you’re not well, stay home.

The District emphasizes “mutual respect,” and a caring approach to other people nearby, regarding their level of comfort. We’ve gone from “if you’re walking and wearing, [to] walking and caring,” said staff member, Amy Back.

It was also suggested that if someone’s wearing a mask, wear one too.

Some situations will be continued, such having a mask on when being in a car with more than one person per car.

July and August meetings will continue as hybrid, September will be virtual, given the construction in the area, and if things continue to improve, a return to in-person committee meetings starting October first.

Council Chair, John Klink, who supported the to return to in-person meetings moving forward, said, “I’m looking forward to getting back together. Safety is important, and there is a lot to getting organized.”