District Investigates Pot Rules

Posted: 2018-11-20 08:10:27 By: hbr

District staff are taking a look at their pot protocol following the recent legalization of marijuana.

District council heard during their Monday meeting that senior staff are reviewing the health and safety, and fitness for work policy to address issues of impairment in the workplace. A request has been made of all District departments to review operations and identify potential areas of concern.

The District is also taking a look at what kinds of rules they want to lay down regarding where the public can smoke marijuana in Muskoka.

Under the new rules, smoking of cannabis is prohibited in the same places where the smoking of tobacco is prohibited. That includes places like enclosed vehicles, boats being driven under a person’s care and control, public spaces, enclosed workplaces, indoor common areas and in apartment buildings. The public can smoke marijuana in their private residences, and they can also smoke in parks and in designated hotel rooms.
Nonetheless, the District does have some authority to further restrict the use of cannabis in certain areas and senior staff are currently working to come up with some recommendations for council.