District Land Fill Being Expanded

Posted: 2018-12-20 12:05:02 By: hbr

The District of Muskoka is speeding up their plans to expand the Rosewarne Landfill in Bracebridge, as the dump is filling up with unexpected speed.

As such instead of waiting for budget talks in the spring, District council approved a $3.2 million expansion during their Monday evening council meeting.

Fred Jahn, the District Commissioner of Engineering and Public Works, said originally the first cell of the landfill, which was expected to last until the end of 2019 will likely be filled by the start of the summer.

The landfill was built in 2016 and will eventually include nine cells. The total lifespan of the landfill was expected to be 25 years but Jahn said it is filling up much faster than originally expected. If there is no increase in waste diversion, Jahn said it’s unlikely the landfill will not last for its expected lifespan.

As such, he said the engineering and public works department are considering a number of waste diversion options, including bag limits and tighter bylaws.