District Moves To Alleviate Traffic Problems In Muskoka Lakes

Posted: 2019-04-10 07:55:49 By: hbr

The Township of Muskoka Lakes and District of Muskoka are grappling with the problem of increased traffic running through Port Carling via Highway 118.

With a winding road and large volumes of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic running through town, especially during the busy summer months, safety has become a concern. A particular problem is a sharp turn at Maple Street, which causes considerable difficulty for transport trucks.

The District looked at a number of options, including everything from roundabouts to road realignment. They then presented their findings to Muskoka Lakes Township council and staff, as well as some local businesses.

In the end it was agreed to tweak the alignment of Highway 118 on the east side of the road through curb widening, eliminating some angled parking spots and providing parallel spaces instead.