District Needs To Spend $7 Million On Upgrades To Water Treatment Plant

Posted: 2018-12-18 07:42:07 By: hbr

The Muskoka Beach Water Treatment Plant needs nearly $7 million in upgrades in the very near future.

District council, who operate the plant, heard the news during their Monday evening council meeting.

Fred Jahn, the District Commissioner of Engineering and Public Works, said the project is one of the most important ones currently on the books at the District office.

The main problem is that much of the technology used to build the plant in 1983 is now outdated. As such, Jahn said the treatment plant, located on Muskoka Beach Road in Gravenhurst, is currently running at only about 40 percent of its capacity.

While the plant can handle the current load, any type of break or failure would require the District to enact some type of contingency plan.

As a result, John said District staff want to institute a very aggressive plan to get the plant up to standard as quickly as possible.