District Of Muskoka Declares Flood Emergency

Posted: 2019-04-28 19:24:20 By: hbr

The District Municipality of Muskoka has declared a State of Emergency as of 5:33 p.m. on Sunday.  The District has activated its Emergency Plan and its Emergency Control Group (ECG) and is monitoring the situation closely.

The District says that the impact of flooding varies significantly across the Area Municipalities that make up the District.  At present, three of six area municipalities have declared a state of emergency including: the Towns of Bracebridge, Huntsville and the Township of Muskoka Lakes. The District says they are in regular contact with all Area Municipalities and continues to actively support flood relief efforts in Muskoka. 

District Chair, John Klinck says “The main focus of our Emergency Control Group is to continue to provide support to the efforts of area municipalities impacted and to ensure that resources are in place to support both relief and recovery efforts in all of our area municipalities during and after this historic flooding event,” he said.