District Offices Remain Closed To The Public Through September

District Offices Remain Closed To The Public Through September

Posted: 2020-07-28 07:45:12 By: thebay

Muskoka District offices will remain closed for the time being. 

District councillors made the decisions during their latest meeting.

In an update from staff, councillors heard that roughly 400 District staff are continuing to work much as they did before, albeit with modified safety precautions. Another 200 are working primarily from home. 

Staff said they have a stockpile of PPE to last roughly 30 days, but it’s been difficult because the requirements for PPE have been changing.

Going forward they said the District could consider creating a kiosk out front to sign critical documents, or potentially making certain parts of the building open to the public. 

District meetings have been taking place virtually, and councillors agreed to stick with that option for the time being.

District chair John Klink commended staff for the way they’ve handled the crisis, singling out staff at long term care facilities and paramedics for their exemplary work. He acknowledged that there was some anxiety among the public with respect to cottagers coming to the area, however he said many came up early and followed the rules.

On the whole, he said Muskoka’s coming through the pandemic well thus far. The one exception is a significant spike in the amount of waste and recyclables being generated.

He also cautioned that it’s still early days and the council agreed to discuss opening the office up again in September.