District Tackles Road Salt Issue

Posted: 2019-03-25 07:20:26 By: hbr

The District Of Muskoka says it's time to get serious about salt.

During their most recent meeting, councillors put a request forward to the Ministry of Transportation to support their action plan on salt and request that the MTO come up with their own plan to deal with salt use on provincial highways in Muskoka.

The Muskoka Salt Working Committee is tasked with taking a look at all the economic and environmental benefits of cutting back on road salt, while making sure it doesn't impact public safety.

Council heard that the group plans to launch a public education campaign in the fall of 2019. The goal is to provide information on appropriate use of salt, environmental impacts and best practices for homeowners through a public open house, social media and a dedicated Muskoka Salt Working Committee section on the District’s website.

The District and Fowler Construction are also piloting technology for tracking salt application in Muskoka.

There are a number of alternatives to road salt - running from beet juice to pickle brine - but council heard that replacements for salt take years of field trials and analysis before they can be used on major roads.

The MTO is also looking at alternative products and ways of reducing overall salt usage on provincial highways.