District Working On Hazardous Waste Bin Issue

District Working On Hazardous Waste Bin Issue

Posted: 2020-02-13 09:55:17 By: hbr

The future of Muskoka’s 88 non-supervised garbage bins remains very much up in the air.

In late summer of 2019 the District of Muskoka was ordered by the Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks to eliminate all of the bins within four years. The move was met some opposition from cottage associations and those who don’t receive curbside pickup.

The District hired two consultants last fall to undertake a study of the 89 bins sites identified as high-risk sites. Late last month the consultants reported their findings. Of the 88 sites, 23 have been classified as low priority sites, 41 moderate priority and 25 high priority. Twelve of the 25 high risk sites can potentially be mitigated on-site. 

The District's expected to reach out to private site owners to determine the feasibility of moving the bins to locations acceptable to the Ministry. The move’s expected to be a short-term measure to keep these bins in service while alternatives are investigated.

There are now 13 high-risk bins that will be removed within four months. Alternative services are not completely firmed up. The remainder of the bins must be dealt with by 2023.