Dockside Festival Of The Arts Has A New Owner

Dockside Festival Of The Arts Has A New Owner

Posted: 2021-11-15 14:57:38 By: thebay

Muskoka Music Festival organizers announced today that they have been selected by the Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce to be the new owners and operators of the Dockside Festival of the Arts held every summer in Gravenhurst. 

The Dockside Festival, which has been running for over 25 years, and the more recent Muskoka Music Festival will be held on third week of August.

Miranda Mullholland, founder of the Muskoka Music Festival says  they are excited to take over the stewardship of the legacy of Dockside and to bring a diverse array of incredible artisans to Gravenhurst as well as continue to showcase top local and international musical talent."

The Gravenhurst Chamber who have run the Dockside Festival says they wanted to be sure this legacy event would be handed off to someone who would understand how important it is to the community.