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Editorial: Dangerous Times In Canada

Editorial: Dangerous Times In Canada

Posted: 2022-02-26 09:09:48 By: thebay

Well, at least Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to his senses eventually – even if it took a few extra days to do so.

It was likely an attempt to save face once he realized a distinct lack of support for implementing a month-long Emergencies Act with broad-sweeping powers after the so-called “occupation” had already disbanded.

Despite revoking the Emergencies Act mere days after it was approved at Parliament, the Prime Minister will still likely look ridiculous in history’s lens for the way he handled the situation from start to finish.

Even those who initially supported the measure to “take back the streets of Ottawa and remove blockades at border crossings,” were admitting that with the job done, there was no need for this measure anymore.

Several pro-Liberal news agencies even went so far as to publish opinion pieces questioning the decision to extend the Act. 

Some wondered why a Prime Minister who, when newly elected, preached “compassion” and “dialogue” with those he disagrees with did away with those principles during the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa – and across the country.

In fact, rather than engage in healthy dialogue at a time when it was most necessary, the Prime Minister hid – literally and figuratively – while lobbing verbal bombs and antagonistic generalizations about the protestors through the media. When integrity and calm were required, the Prime Minister chose to be condescending and antagonistic.

And it happened while COVID restrictions are being lifted province-by-province. 

Those being honest with themselves can’t possibly feel that it was even necessary to begin with; the existing laws in this province and this country were already strong enough to deal with certain aspects of the protests. 

They just needed to be enforced. Trucks blocking streets and bridges could be towed without this gross overreach of government powers. Those attending the protests to cause mischief and vandalism could be dealt with using appropriate punishment.

This whole situation could have been dealt with using the rule of law, diplomacy and compromise, discussion and empathy, rather than with mudslinging and force, slurs and arrogance.

But that is no longer the way for the Liberal Party leadership who have proven time and again over the past two years that if you disagree with them, you are less valued than those who just nod their heads and smile. 

That’s not how our country became such a great place to live. Quite the opposite. Civil discourse, passionate debates, using facts to back up opinion, a desire to learn more, and a willingness to admit when one is wrong are the characteristics of all the great leaders our country has seen.

Kudos to the Conservative Party and Bloc Quebecois for doing the right thing by all Canadians and voting against this unnecessary Emergency Act on Monday night. 

And more kudos to Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Scott Aitchison for his impassioned and measured speech earlier this week, which shows that he has his ear to ground and is willing to speak up for all Canadians of all walks of life. 

Shame on the NDP, particularly its leader, for not having the guts to stand up to the Liberals. Yes, yes, we know that Mr. Singh said he was willing pull support if he felt at any point, it was not longer needed.

The problem with that is the goal posts can keep getting pushed as far as the Liberals and NDP would want them to; they could have kept coming up with new reasons to have the Emergencies Act in place for months on end.

The whole situation became eerily similar to what we see in fascist countries run by egomaniacal dictators. Oh, you think we’re exaggerating but history has shown us that when governments impose sweeping powers, we should all fear the potential consequences.

From the names and addresses of Freedom Convoy online donors being made public (albeit it through a hacked website), to Canadian citizens’ banks accounts being frozen for even a small donation made to forcefully removing mostly non-violent and peaceful protestors – with hundreds being arrested. 

We began to wonder if they would start rounding up random dissenters across the nation and locking them up in camps, if they would abolish non-friendly media outlets and eliminate all diversity of thought . . . because let’s face, the only diversity the Liberals (and the NDP) want is the kind they can put labels on.

It’s time for the silent majority of good, honest, hard-working moderate individuals to be heard. It’s time to stand up and say “enough!” 

Because when you speak to average citizens from all walks of life, no matter their cultural or racial affiliation, the majority are fed up with divisive politics, bias media reporting, and feeling like they’re under attack for any opinion they may have.

It’s time to get back to being able to share opinions through discussions and civil debates and without fearing and hating one another. It’s time to turn our back on American-style politics and news reporting.

It’s time for Canadians to be Canadian again.