Editorial: We’re not responsible for your emotions

Posted: 2021-05-08 08:55:31 By: thebay

Happy or sad, sane or mad, there are feelings which arise when hearing, viewing or reading news stories. 

And often there are those who blame the media outlet for reporting the news. Just check out Hunters Bay Radio Facebook page for comments throughout the pandemic and the proof is there.

This is especially true for the pandemic daily active cases reports which as a radio station of record, we are responsible to report. People ask, “why are we still reporting on this?” And “Is this news anymore?” … and those are among the more respectful comments.

Well, let’s see, the COVID-19 pandemic happens to be the biggest news story in the world, and concerns everyone. So, when updates come through, we’re going to report them whether you like it or not.

Just like we provide council stories, police reports, new businesses opening, and other news. 

Personally, we’re tired of COVID and the pandemic too. Don’t you think we want new items to cover … hence the term “news.”

Unfortunately, until the pandemic is over, we’re going to keep providing whatever updates come our way.

How you feel about the content is not our responsibility. You are responsible for your own emotions. You are responsible for your reactions. If you don’t want to hear or read about COVID, you have the right to scroll through, not click links, or whatever else it takes.

So, feel free to not like the news itself, but don’t blame the media outlets for reporting the facts, which is our obligation to the public. 

It’s not our obligation, and is in fact a dereliction of duty, to present opinions hidden in news stories of record. That’s what opinion pieces are for. 

Also, there are many people who consider themselves “all-knowing” and “well-versed” in the media who don’t even know the difference between an editorial, an opinion piece, and a news story.

They think all three are exactly the same; and since most of them are obviously Fox News disciples, we understand where that’s coming from. 

Unfortunately, stations like Fox News are full of right wing slanted, bias “news” coverage. Meanwhile, there are several media outlets who are politically left leaning, offering their own version of “facts.”

And in between the extremes, are media outlets like Hunters Bay Radio, which try to present their news, lifestyle, entertainment, opinions, and editorials for what they are. 

Do we have fluffy lifestyle pieces? Of course, they’re in the “Other News” section. Same for entertainment, business, and so on and so forth. 

Are there opinion pieces? Sure. But they’re clearly stated on the air or online. Long time media personalities also find it hilarious when people are so easily confused.

If a headline is preceded by the word “OPINION” or “EDITORIAL” – or in some cases the writer’s name – then it is obviously an opinion and not being presented as a strictly fact-based news story. Facts will at times be presented to back up an opinion – especially in cases regarding politics – but it’s still an opinion.

On that note: if an editorial says, “By Hunters Bay Radio,” or any other news outlet, it means it’s the opinion of said media outlet and represents an all-encompassing viewpoint rather than simply that of the individual writer. 

The person who did the writing – and each tends to have a telling style – isn’t going to put their name on something when they’re being told what the opinion should be. 

Generally, when a writer’s name is attached, that person is presenting their own opinions and may not necessarily be those of the media outlet. 

Of course, that means moving past the headline and reading through an entire item before reacting. This goes for both for and against commentary – please, read the whole story, OPED, whatever before starting to type.

And remember, if it’s a news story with just the facts that you are angry about, don’t blame the media for reporting the news … direct your energy towards whomever or whatever created the story in the first place, or just keep scrolling.


By Hunters Bay Radio