Fire Complaints Result in $7000 in Fines

Posted: 2018-07-17 13:14:22 By: hbr

The Fire Departments of Perry, Sprucedale, Kearney, Burks Falls, and Magnetawan attended a total of 20 fire burn complaints over the past week.

The complaints resulted in charges and fines totaling nearly $7000 with further charges pending.

The Fire Dept is reminding both residents and visitors that there is a total fire ban in place and offenders will face very steep fines and charges if they choose to ignore the warnings.

The fire bans are in place in Muskoka, Almaguin Highlands, Parry Sound District, Haliburton Highlands and Algonquin Park areas.

All fires, including those for cooking or warmth, charcoal BBQ's, fire barrels and fireworks are prohibited throughout the region.  Smokers are asked to properly extinguish their cigarettes and dispose of them safely.