Flood Damage To Bracebridge Infrastructure Pegged At $900k

Posted: 2019-07-30 06:58:14 By: hbr

The Town of Bracebridge is tallying up the bills from this spring’s flooding and asking the province to chip in with repairs.

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing recently announced a new climate resilience incentive while in Bracebridge, committing $1 million to help rebuild infrastructure to a higher standard so that it can withstand extreme weather.

During the most recent general committee meeting, Bracebridge councillors heard that an overall damage assessment was completed on the town's bridges and structures with costs for repairs estimated in the $900,000 range.

There are also major repairs needed in Bracebridge Bay to the jetty at the base of the falls, docking at the wharf area and damages to the washed-out area of the Wharf Parking Lot.

The cost associated with these repairs is being confirmed with the outside vendor, but it’s currently estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands range to construct a more resilient solution.

Geoff Carleton, the Town’s director of public works said another problem with the jetty, as it exists, is that directs water at Kelvin Grove Park on the other side of the bay and causes erosion there. As such, there will be consideration as to whether they should build a new break wall which doesn't extend so far into the bay.