Flood Damaged Roads Repaired In Muskoka Lakes

Posted: 2019-05-31 07:54:05 By: hbr

The Township of Muskoka Lakes says they have completed raising and repairing all impacted roads from the recent flood to ensure conditions remain safe.

The township says that the Bala Falls Bridge remains closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic until further notice pending an inspection by an engineer to ensure its safe before allowing traffic to utilize it.

The township is encouraging residents and contractors to help collect floating debris in the water, says debris can be dropped off at the closest municipal ramp.

Sand bag drop off depots are available at the Glen Orchard Yard, Patterson Yard, and the Ranwood Yard.

A Waste Disposal Voucher is available for designated areas to provide no-charge disposal of flood damaged waste.

For further information, please contact the municipal office at 705-765-3156.