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Ford congratulates Bracebridge Mayor Rick Maloney on his re-election

Ford congratulates Bracebridge Mayor Rick Maloney on his re-election

Posted: 2022-11-16 07:58:37 By: thebay

On November 9, 2022, Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, issued a letter to Bracebridge Mayor, Rick Maloney, for his recent re-election.

Ford highlighted areas that municipalities in Ontario will continue build on, which include, “public transit, homes, and roads and highways needed to meet the needs of growing communities and keep our economy moving forward.”

Other areas Ford indicated that will require collaborative efforts included schools, hospitals, and long-term care homes.

Given the strain of the past two years from the pandemic, the Premier also indicated that he recognizes the budget pressures municipalities are dealing with. He said, “That’s why in 2021, Ontario provided municipalities with over $1.3 billion in financial relief above and beyond the $4 billon Safe Restart Agreement to further assist in covering municipal needs.”

Ford added that he will continue to work with the municipal partners and federal government to support the long-term sustainability of municipal needs.

The modernization of services that municipalities provide and efficiency in providing those services also played a key role for the funding provided by the Premier.