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Ford reverses decision on Greenbelt
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Ford reverses decision on Greenbelt

Posted: 2023-09-21 16:51:33 By: thebay

Saying "If I make a mistake, I will fix it and learn from it," Ontario Premier Doug Ford has rescinded his government's contentious proposal to open up the Greenbelt to development, calling it a mistake.

Ford made the announcement this afternoon during a news conference, stating he made a commitment to the people of Ontario not to touch the Greenbelt, which he broke.

"It was a mistake to start a process that moved too quickly," Ford continued. "I am deeply sorry for that... The decision to open the Greenbelt was a mistake."

The Premier claims that in order to regain people's trust, he will reverse the alterations he made to the Greenbelt and return the areas to Greenbelt protections.