Ford Visits Bracebridge To Get A First Hand Look At Flooding

Posted: 2019-04-24 12:04:59 By: hbr

Premier Doug Ford was in Bracebridge this morning to offer help to municipalities in the region who are battling flooding.  Yesterday, the Town of Bracebridge declared a flood emergency and mobilized the Emergency Control Group.

Ford spoke after meeting with Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith and offered assistance saying that “the province is 100% behind them to support the affected areas in Bracebridge and Huntsville”

Smith said that officials will be going door to door in the Springdale Shores area advising residents to evacuate, saying the safest place to be is somewhere else.

Anyone in an affected areas should be aware that their well water is considered unpotable and not safe to drink and power is being disconnected.

Residents are also being advised that emergency response could take longer because in some situations specialized equipment would be needed.

Smith says displaced residents should go to the Bracebridge arena where assistance will be offered to people in need of accommodation and other services.