Four Storey Retirement Home Greenlit for Bracebridge

Posted: 2019-06-13 09:27:40 By: hbr

A four storey retirement home was recently given the green light for Manitoba Street in Bracebridge. During their latest development services committee meeting, Bracebridge councillors agreed to rezone a property to allow for the construction of a 112 unit building at 571 Manitoba Street. The proposal from Econergy Property Group is expected to include 36 studio units, 34 studio units with a den, 28 one bedroom units and 14 two bedroom units. Not everyone was on board with the proposal. The developer of a 121 unit retirement facility in Gravenhurst said they've done studies that indicate the need for these types of buildings is already well served in Muskoka until at least 2030. He questioned whether the developers are serious about the development or if their intent is simply to drive up the price of the land. He asked that the decision be postponed. Another retirement home operator made a similar argument. He said it's already hard to find employees and another retirement home will only make matters worse. Nonetheless, council approved the rezoning.