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Fowler Construction willing to increase front yard setback for quarry expansion

Fowler Construction willing to increase front yard setback for quarry expansion

Posted: 2022-09-21 07:48:50 By: thebay

Fowler Construction issued a letter to the Town of Bracebridge offering to increase the front yard setback at their Childs Pit / Quarry from 30 metres to 60 metres, in response to discussions during the Bracebridge Council meeting on August 31, 2022.

Regarding concerns that were raised in the August meeting about Fowler’s initial expansion application, Counsel made an amendment requiring staff in the Planning and Development department to review the possibility of increased setbacks on the Quarry property.

In Fowler’s letter, they also expressed a willingness to update their site plans to “require the first 30 metres to maintain the existing vegetation and the 5-metre berm would be located 30 metres from the District Road 46 right-of-way.” They add, “The revision will increase the separation distance and visual screening for residents on District Road 46.”

Fowler anticipated further discussion in the September 21, 2022, Council meeting, however, the matter will not be heard at the September 14th Planning and Development meeting, and subsequently the September 21st meeting, as there hasn’t been sufficient time to provide adequate notice to the public that requested notification.

Under the Planning Act, the Town is required to provide a 20-day consideration notice for a zoning amendment. So, a notice will be issued to members of the public that requested notice of the application, indicating that the zoning amendment will be considered at the October 5, 2022, Planning and Development Committee meeting.