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From Muskoka Unlimited: Know the short-term rental rules

From Muskoka Unlimited: Know the short-term rental rules

Posted: 2023-05-04 13:57:01 By: thebay

From Muskoka Unlimited: 

Short-term rental properties – and the rules surrounding them – have been a hot topic for well over a year and even were a big issue in Muskoka’s 2022 municipal elections.

Most Ontario tourist hotspots have allowed short-term rental accommodations within their municipalities, though a couple originally tried banning them all together.

Though most Muskoka municipalities have already addressed this issue through updating existing by-laws or creating new ones, the Township of Muskoka Lakes is currently doing a thorough examination of how to properly manage issues arising from short-term rental accommodations (STRAs) in their community.

They are examining licensing options, permits, the potential for a Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT), and the consequences of violating the rules – as well as what type of enforcement staff will be needed – as both councillors and staff have heard complaints and concerns from area residents (both permanent and seasonal) about STRAs on the lakes.

While public meetings and more consultation will be done in Muskoka Lakes over the next few months, likely resulting in a STRA by-law, those looking to rent their properties in other parts of Muskoka should have an idea of the rules.

Read about the rest of the rules in Muskoka at: https://muskokaunlimited.com/2023/04/27/renting-your-home-or-cottage/