Future of Gravenhurst Train Station In Question

Posted: 2019-11-29 08:08:04 By: hbr

The Town of Gravenhurst says that the future of the Gravenhurst Train Station will be thoroughly examined and that an opportunity to voice concerns and provide suggestions is in the works.

Mayor Paul Kelly  says they will be reaching out to residents to get their feelings on what Council should ultimately do with the property.

The discussion over the Train Station was raised during the recent Committee of the Whole meeting. Council reviewed a number of recommendations presented by Staff, following a Request for Proposal that went out to the community in the fall that sought options to fill the current vacancy at the Train Station, a property that is currently owned and maintained by the Town.

“Council has decided that they want to explore all options on the table and perhaps look at some new ideas,” said Mayor Kelly.

“Opening up the property to private business ownership may be an option the community is open to exploring.  We look forward to further engagement,” he said.