Grandparent Scam On The Rise

Posted: 2021-07-22 11:18:00 By: thebay

OPP say there have been three elaborate and organized fraud occurrences that have occurred in the past week though out the province where elderly women have been called by a man claiming to be an officer and that their grandson had been arrested.

In one instance, an 84 year old woman was contacted by a male claiming to be 'Corporal MATHESON'.  He told her that grandson had been arrested after a minor vehicle collision with his friend where drugs were located in the vehicle. In order for him to be released she had to provide $10,000.00 in cash. The woman spoke to her grandson who told her he was sick and was on his way for a COVID test when the accident occurred explaining why he was stuffed up. The woman provided the money which was picked up by a courier. The 'officer' called back the following day and informed her the charges were dropped but she would have to pay $12,000 for his fine. She did as instructed and a courier picked up the money.

Other variations of the scam include leaving a sum of money under the door mat for the courier.

  • OPP say they will never demand money to have someone arrested released from custody or payment of fine and they will never involve a courier to transport payment.