Gravenhurst Approves $75k In Grants For Downtown Improvements

Posted: 2019-05-16 09:16:43 By: hbr

On Tuesday, Gravenhurst Town Council approved $75,323 in Community Improvement Plan (CIP) grants for downtown properties. This year the CIP Review Committee received 24 applications for projects that were eligible for grants in excess of $156,000. The review committee recommended funding allocations to 17 property improvement projects that have an estimated value of over $1.5 million.

Mayor Paul Kelly says “This program has been the driving force behind some amazing façade transformations.” 

The program, in place since 2013, has allowed local property and business owners to apply for financial assistance to improve the physical appearance and overall vitality of their buildings.  

Now completing its 7th year, the CIP program has been able to facilitate more than $3 million in improvement projects.