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Gravenhurst Mayor Paul Kelly expresses appreciation in his last Council Meeting

Gravenhurst Mayor Paul Kelly expresses appreciation in his last Council Meeting

Posted: 2022-09-21 08:00:14 By: thebay

Gravenhurst Mayor, Paul Kelly, expressed thanks to Council members and staff during his last Council meeting, on September 20, 2022.

In April, Kelly announced that this would be his last term, having served as Mayor since 2018.

Kelly expressed appreciation to staff for “the direction.” He said, “Sometimes I don’t always like it but usually I know that it’s good advice.”

He thanked CAO, Scott Lucas, and his department staff for the many reports over the term he served, and said, “I look back at a report today and what was 100 total number of pages… a lot of pages for Council to look at and review, but I know the reports that you gather together takes a lot of time… To all of you… The last four years has been a direct result of what you’ve put forward to council, and the good advice that you’ve provided to us.”

Kelly acknowledged the community members that participated in meetings, noting the increase since the implementation of Zoom, and thanking them. He said they didn’t have Zoom when he started out, which resulted in less public attendance, “unless it was a Planning Meeting… People wanted to storm the bastille!” he said.

To Council, Kelly expressed thanks for their service to the community. He said, “I know what many of you are going through right now, as far as putting your name forward to be elected. It’s not an easy job. And I think anyone that thinks that it’s an easy job, they’re mistaken… There’s tough decisions that get made by Council, and we may not always agree, but I believe that throughout all of the time we’ve been here, we try and do the best we can for our community.”

To candidates running for Council in the upcoming October election, Kelly wished his best. He said, “There are lots of people that, you know, have an opinion about Council, but haven’t put their name forward, because it’s not an easy job. And I congratulate you for putting your name forward and taking the risk of maybe not winning, but taking the time, and the energy, and the money that it takes to bring forward a campaign.”

Kelly, trying to hold back the tears, extended gratitude to his wife, Sue Kelly, for her support, saying, “I don’t think anybody can do this without a good partner to support you. So, thanks, Sue.”

Kelly finished by saying, “Thank you to the community for allowing me to be mayor. It has been an honour to be in this position, and I certainly wish the incoming Mayor and Council all the best.”