Gravenhurst Offers New Workforce Program

Posted: 2018-10-29 07:23:57 By: hbr

A Gravenhurst Workforce Program has been made available to helps new Employees Settle In, connect with local Housing and find Helpful Resources.

Finding and keeping employees continues to be a big challenge for businesses in Gravenhurst and throughout the province.  To assist local businesses, the Town of Gravenhurst created three employee support programs which are now available to local businesses.

These programs include:

Settlement Services, which connects a new employee to local property owners and managers or real estate agents.

A personal one-on-one tour of the Town and its history, introducing the new employee to specific places, people and resources depending on their unique interests and needs.

And a Trailing Spouses program which assists the spouse of the new employee directly to find their own meaningful connections and/or employment.

Employers can now nominate their new employees to benefit from the program by simply fill out the Online registration form at