Gravenhurst Releases Report On Visitor Experience

Posted: 2019-05-30 07:24:16 By: hbr

The Town of Gravenhurst’s Economic Development department released results from 2018’s Visitor Survey yesterday.

The information is providing valuable insight into visitor’s experiences to the community: 

  • Most visitors are returning, and primarily here to visit friends and family.
  • Visitors are travelling to multiple locations during their visit, especially if staying more than one day.
  • Day-Trippers and Weekenders have the highest ratios of children and youth.
  • Age groups between 18-30 make up the largest percentage of mid-week and extended visitors.
  • An average of $864 is spent per group or $310 per adult, per visit.

Visitors identified their specific wants and needs which include providing later store hours, new restaurants, clothing and a movie theatre.

Respondents also cited a weekend farmers’ market, music events/festivals, boating/cruises, evening entertainment, new culinary experiences or events, as new attractions they would like to see.