Gravenhurst Reminds Residents of No Daytime Burning

Posted: 2018-09-26 07:41:45 By: hbr

The Town of Gravenhurst is reminding residents and visitors that daytime burning is prohibited until October 31.

The Town says contained and supervised fires are permitted 2 hours before sunset, throughout the night to 2 hours after sunrise the next morning. Ward 1, has an absolute prohibition at all times.

The Town says

  • Only class A combustibles are permitted to burn,
  • Fires must be 15 metres from all structures and vehicles and 5 meters from any forest area,
  • Fires cannot exceed 2 X 2 metres in size,
  • Fires are not permitted in windy conditions and smoke cannot impair motorists or other residents,
  • Fires must be attended at all times with a water supply readily available,

Fines range between $200 to $350 per offence, along with other emergency service related fines.