Gravenhurst Says Residents Shouldn't See An Increase In Property Tax Bill

Posted: 2020-02-10 09:21:09 By: hbr

At Thursday’s Special Budget Meeting, Gravenhurst Council unanimously approved the 2020 Budget which will result in a 1.6% increase to the town share of the tax rate for 2020. This translates into a $7.25 increase per $100,000 of assessment on a residential dwelling.

Val Sequeira with the town says that “The town accounts for only 37% of an urban property tax bill and 48% of a rural property tax bill.  After accounting for the District of Muskoka share of the tax bill and reductions to the education share of the tax bill, Gravenhurst residents will see a consolidated tax rate on their property tax bills that will be virtually unchanged from 2019.”