Group Hosts Information Session On Madill Church

Posted: 2019-05-06 13:23:27 By: hbr

The Madill Church Preservation Society will be hosting a public meeting on Thursday, May 9 starting at 7:30 to keep the community informed on their efforts to preserve the pioneer church.

The group says it’s been a year and a half since eight Huntsville citizens banded together to incorporate as the Madill Church Preservation Society in an effort to save a local landmark.

Since that time, the group has successfully purchased Madill Church, hosted a number of successful fundraisers and obtained charitable tax status under the Canada Revenue Agency.

This summer, the group hopes to start restoration work on the church but says its first needs are to get more money in the bank.

The group will share their successes over the past year and a half, their financials, fundraising initiatives and next steps.

The meeting takes place  at The Annex, at 1 Minerva Street East, Huntsville on May 9th at 7.30pm.

Everyone is welcome.