Group Travels To Guatemala To Help Build Hospital

Posted: 2019-10-09 08:13:47 By: hbr

A group of Huntsville residents will be travelling to Guatemala to help build a hospital in a remote village of Nebaj.  The group says their mission is to continue to help build a 3 level building with each floor specific to the various types of illnesses or injuries.  There are plans for surgical, and dental rooms, a pharmacy,  full laboratory, x ray and delivery room.

The group, based out of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church is asking for help in the way of donations to the project.

Make a donation at this site:

Once you are on the web page:

1.Enter amount you wish to donate

2.Team Member’s name.  (use arrow to bring up names and click on name you want to donate to.)

3.Team Number: T200229 Nebaj-Huntsville

  1. type in Team member’s name again…(don’t know why)
  2. Fill in billing details…name, address
  3. Credit card number and 3 digit CVC number.

The donor should receive a tax receipt right away.