Habitat For Humanity To Build Four New Units

Posted: 2019-01-25 07:46:29 By: hbr

Four new affordable rental units from Habitat for Humanity Gateway North were given the green light during this week’s District council meeting.

The proposed development would consist of a four-plex in Huntsville on land that Habitat already owns at 11 Irene Street.
The District said they’re ready to put the Habitat project forward for up to $344,000 form the province. The District will kick in another $115,000 in funding.

An affordable housing project in Bracebridge that was also being considered for funding in fall of 2018 did not materialize. The District was stuck scrambling, as they were required to spend the provincial funding by Dec. 15, 2018. However, Habitat stepped in at the last minute, and a short extension to Jan. 26, 2019 allowed the new project in Huntsville to proceed.