Harding Says Equality At District Is Fundamental

Harding Says Equality At District Is Fundamental

Posted: 2021-02-08 11:29:18 By: thebay

Equality of representation and modernizing the District of Muskoka is Muskoka Lakes Mayor Phil Harding’s key message to his fellow councillors and the constituency regarding proposed changes to the make-up of District Council.

Harding was vocal about his stance at a special public meeting hosted by the District on Feb. 4; which was held to collect input about reducing the upper tier municipality’s council from 22 members plus the District Chair, to 18 members plus the Chair.

Councillor Harding says he is in favour of a supermajority voting system where each council member would be equal in their voting rights in a supermajority voting system.

Councillor Harding says “I appreciate (how) every person around this table works together to do business differently. And we are all in Muskoka together, we should all work together, and that’s fundamental.”

His opinions about equality are echoed by other district council members as well.

Councillor Harding also has a futuristic view of district council, saying, “I really think as a modernization (committee), this is what the goal is as a modernization committee, and we need to modernize. We need to rethink the way we do business.”

By Leila Nasr-Sharifi, special to