Harding Says MNRF Is Working To Normalize Water Levels Across Watershed

Posted: 2021-07-09 07:27:49 By: thebay

Muskoka Lakes Mayor Phil Harding provided an update on Water Levels across Muskoka yesterday saying, that the MNRF is well aware of the situation on Lake Muskoka and across the entire watershed.

Harding said that in the past roughly 10 days, Muskoka has received over 200 mm of rain which incidentally the same amount of rain that Muskoka typically gets over the entire months of June and July – or almost 5 times the amount of rain as typical in a two-week period.

Mayors across Muskoka met with the MNRF to discuss the extreme drought this spring where in the three-month period from April 15 till June 15th we saw less than 40% of our traditional rainfall which resulted in extremely low water levels as of June 15th.

Last week due to the increased rainfall, the hydro plant started to operate and spill water from Lake Muskoka into the Moon River to lower lake levels across the watershed, he said.

Assuming the significant rainfall is behind us, he says we should see a change over the next few days and with a little luck and sunshine, water levels will return to normal.