Harrow Fair Shoots Music Video At Opera House

Harrow Fair Shoots Music Video At Opera House

Posted: 2020-03-06 22:59:41 By: hbr

So what do you on a late winter weekday night in Gravenhurst? You sign up for the cast of a music video shoot. Of course! They are called "Harrow Fair".

It's Miranda Mulholland and her music partner Andrew Penner. They decided the Gravenhurst Opera House was the right place for their video shoot and song "Seat at the Table". All about community. They had a list of locations, but once The Gravenhurst Opera House was on that list, the rest evaporated. Miranda's Great, Great Grampa Charles Mickle had a lavish dream for a grand opera house in a small town when he was the Mayor Gravenhurst. It happened. That opera house has survived a long history. Miranda is pretty certain his spirit flows through the aisles.

Watch for the song and video premiere this coming April 17th. Everyone who came to have a seat at the table will be in the video, credits and you'll likely recognize a friend or neighbour.