Health Hub In Port Carling Readying For Summer

Posted: 2019-04-08 07:50:08 By: hbr

The Health Hub in Port Carling is bustling with activity and staff have big plans for the busy summer months.

In addition to the Nurse Practitioner's services, the Health Hub now offers meetings with a District community services outreach worker, a private physiotherapist and a mental health therapist for one day a week.

The Cottage Country Family Health Team is fundraising to provide a Nurse Practitioner who can work at the hub for up to three days per week from May through August.

Since opening in March of 2016 the Health Hub in Port Carling has registered over 500 patients that previously did not have a primary health care provider.

The health hub isn't a walk in clinic but rather enrols and provides primary care to people who don't already have a primary care provider.