Home Owner Charged $5000 For Daytime Burning

Posted: 2019-08-16 09:36:39 By: hbr

Fire Chiefs in the Almaquin Highlands have lowered the fire danger rating to Moderate.

However, they say that one resident in Sprucedale has learned the hard way after the McMurrich/Monteith Fire Department received a call for a daytime burning complaint on Sunday afternoon at 1:30.

Upon arrival several large piles of brush and trees were on fire. Automatic aid was activated and after 3 hours the fires were extinguished. The Perry, Kearney, Burks Falls and Magnetawan Fire Departments assisted in the efforts to extinguish the fire which was contained to the property.

Many nieghbours expressed concern, and later gratitude to the departments work in putting the fires out safely.

The landowner now faces $5000 dollars in fines.

One fire official said this home owner could have been fined over $11,300.