Huntsville Actively Investigating Non-Compliant Short Term Rentals

Posted: 2021-06-21 07:27:23 By: thebay

The Town of Huntsville is reminding Short Term Rental owners that the municipality has By-laws to ensure the safe operation of rental properties in our area.

Christopher Nagy, Chief Building Official for the Town of Huntsville says “This includes making sure that the property has an adequately sized septic, that the property adheres to standards in the Ontario Building Code and that property owners are collecting and remitting the Municipal Accommodation Tax.

The town says in advance of the summer season, in accordance with Municipal By-laws, the Town of Huntsville will be actively investigating non-compliant Short Term Rental properties, which may lead to enforcement through fines or orders where necessary.

The Town says that it is the responsibility of all Short term rental owners to ensure that they are registered and that their property remains compliant with the Code of Conduct and owners collect and remit monthly the Municipal Accommodation Tax as well as detail the number of accommodations sold, purchase prices and tax amount collected.