Huntsville Council Committed To Finding A Solution To Flooding Issue

Posted: 2019-06-13 11:57:41 By: hbr

At the Town of Huntsville’s Special council meeting on Wednesday evening, Director of Operations and Protective Services, Steve Hernen presented his report on the 2019 Flood. 

Hernen told councilors that historically they had not seen an event like the 2019 Flood before.   He said the high water levels in past flood events would normally last for 3 to 4 days. However this years flood saw the high water levels continue for 10 days.  Hernen said that a contributing factor to 2019 was a lack of cool nights, causing water to flow both day and night.

Hernen also noted that the Town bridge effectively acts as a damn. The water was 2 feet higher on the dock side of the bridge, and this contributed to the high waters in that area, extending to Brendale and John Street.   

Members of the public were able to voice their concerns and questions to council. One concern that was brought up to the town was their communication about this flood event. 

Hernen responded saying the town had 12 hours to respond while  Bracebridge had 5- 6 days to prepare.

Mayor Scott Aitchison made it quite clear throughout the meeting that he,  along with council,  are committed to looking  for a solution.