Huntsville Council Delays Decision On Ironman Contract Renewal - Again

Posted: 2021-10-01 13:07:20 By: thebay

Huntsville Town Council has once again delayed their decision as to whether or not they will be renewing their contract with TriSport, which would see the Ironman 70.3 triathlon back for three more years.
Several council members raised serious concerns about the proposed dates and plans for the upcoming races. As it stands the proposed dates would all occur in July.

As Councillor Dan Armour put it, " I support TriSport, I support the athletes. What they do is amazing; it's something I could never do. But, I don't support them coming into our town and taking it over. I think we need to support the constituents who live in (the race areas).”

Councillor Bob Stone mentions that this year the road closures occurred much earlier and lasted much later at the severe inconvenience of local traffic. Regarding that situation, “if it were to go ahead, we need some repercussions or some mechanism that is going to make sure that it is only those four hours.Councillor Tim Withey supported further discussion around changing the dates. “I'd like to see it moved out of the summer months, like the week after Labor Day. Not only is the town less congested, but the weather is also fine enough. I don't think we need this in the summer months. It will help drive people to our town when it’s less busy as well.”

Council has decided to delay the decision until further discussion can happen around some compromises that may better serve the town if it were to support the event in continuing in Huntsville.

By Jennifer Turney, for