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Huntsville Council hears opposition to Clarke Lake boating restrictions

Huntsville Council hears opposition to Clarke Lake boating restrictions

Posted: 2022-07-27 07:39:56 By: thebay

During Monday’s Huntsville town council meeting, 2 deputations were heard by council regarding the proposed restrictions for motor boats on Clarke Lake. Council heard from Lorri McColgan and also Terry and Lindsey Fisher.

Lorri McColgan told council she operated a camp ground on Clarke lake for 19 years, and advised that they had one gas motor boat as a safety measure for their guests. She told councilors that she does not support a total ban on motor boats the lake.

Terry and Lindsay Fisher, who are building a home on Clarke Lake do not support a total motor ban, and told council they do not understand why Clarke lake is being singled out for this restriction having spent time on Clarke lake for 30 years and remembered there being small motorized boats.

At the same meeting staff reported on the application for the boat restriction on Clarke Lake. In order for the application to be considered there are number of consultations that would have to occur. Consulting with residents of the lake is a requirement, as well as meeting with 7 nations of the indigenous community.

All of these considerations have not been met at this time, and the application will not meet this year’s deadline. Staff will continue with their consultations.