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Huntsville Councilors back clinic for unattached patients

Huntsville Councilors back clinic for unattached patients

Posted: 2022-07-26 07:25:15 By: thebay

During Monday’s town council meeting in Huntsville, a deputation was made by Dr. Melanie Mar of the Algonquin Family Health Team regarding unattached patients in our area.

Dr. Mar spoke about the health care crisis that includes shortages of Doctors, Nurses and other health care workers. Dr. Mar advised the wait time for a family physician is now about 2 years, and the work load is increasing for existing physicians and they are working at full capacity.  Dr. Mar asked the town for support in the planning and operation of a clinic for those who do not have a health care provider.

She told councilors a lot of patients are not receiving care when they should, because they don’t have a physician. The clinic would start off on a small scale to start.

Council agreed to support the resolution in principle and that the CAO continue to work with the Health care providers for a solution.