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Huntsville Councilors Consider Timeline Options For Streetscape Project

Huntsville Councilors Consider Timeline Options For Streetscape Project

Posted: 2020-07-09 14:02:41 By: thebay

During Huntsville’s electronic  General Committee meeting today, Director of Operations & Protective Services Steve Hernen presented construction options available for Downtown Huntsville’s Streetscape project. Director Hernen advised that the infrastructure is deteriorating and delays in starting the construction may end up costing more in on going repairs.

Option 1 would see construction be done in 4 stages. Each stage would be 90% completed before moving on. Construction would start at the Town bridge to Brunel, Stage 2 Brunel to West St, Stage 3 West St to Center, and final stage Center to Lorne.  If construction starts Spring 2021, it would extend until early July in 2022.

Option 2 would see an accelerated schedule, and 2 stages would be in progress at one time. Assuming construction starts in the Spring of 2021, construction would be expected to be completed in the Fall of 2021.

Option 3 would have construction start in the Spring of 2021, and extend for up to 3 years. This option would see no construction taking place during the summer months.

Staff recommends Option 2, and a survey conducted by the Downtown BIA favoured that option as well. 65 % also preferred construction start in 2021, and not be delayed until 2022.

Councilor Withey is against moving forward with construction on 2021, and advised that 100% of the businesses he has spoken to are against it as well. Councilor Withey also advised that some businesses did not bother doing the survey as they thought it wouldn’t make any difference.

Councilor Stone, who also sits on the BIA Board advised that the survey results, and the BIA Board discussions aligns with what most of the BIA Boards wishes are. That is Option 2, and construction to start in 2021. At the time of the meeting the BIA Board has not reviewed the results of the survey.

Mayor Terziano requested another survey be done, and that each respondent include their business address. Director Hernen’s recommendation is that we proceed with Option 2 starting in 2021, and asked that the BIA survey their businesses with that scenario.

Further discussion will take place at the next Town Council meeting on July 27th.