Huntsville Councilors Postpone Discussions On Changes At River Mill Park

Posted: 2020-01-30 07:26:15 By: hbr

During Mondays town council meeting in Huntsville, Steve Hernen Director of operations and protective services presented a staff report on River Mill Park.

The strategic plan for Huntsville called for less parking in River Mill Park, whereas some requests have been made for additional parking.  

Mr. Hernen presented the staff  report in order to get direction from council on how staff should proceed.

A number of issues were discussed by the councilors, including the Community garden, additional parking, reduced parking or status quo,  a splash pad (which would also require washrooms and change rooms), a proper walking path, flipping the parking lot with the play ground,  and water fountains with bottle filling stations.

As two councilors were absent, and one seat is vacant council ultimately decided to postpone further discussion for another month.