Huntsville Decides To Start Downtown Construction Project Next Year

Huntsville Decides To Start Downtown Construction Project Next Year

Posted: 2020-07-28 07:28:10 By: thebay

During Monday’s electronic town council meeting in Huntsville, The Chair and Executive Director of the Huntsville BIA, Rachel Hunt, and Morgan Richter, presented the survey that was sent out to BIA members. The survey asked the businesses to advise their preference for the upcoming Main St. Construction in Huntsville. 62 out of 103 businesses replied.

35 members wanted 2021 as a start date, while 27 members wanted a start date of 2022.

The majority of the members also voted for Option B, which is the accelerated schedule that would have the work completed in one year.  

Councilor Tim Withey advised that 100% of the landlords that he spoke to were against the construction taking place in 2021. He feels that a lot of the businesses he has spoken to would not be able to survive with the construction taking place next year.  Council Withey asked for a vote to take place, and advised he would not be supporting construction to go ahead in 2021.

Councilor Alcock commented that businesses she spoke to wanted the accelerated schedule, and some businesses felt that we may still be feeling the effects of Covid 19 in 2021, so they would want the construction to be completed by 2022, so they would not see 3 bad years in a row. Councilor Alcock also suggested that council ask staff to report on what assistance they would be able to provide our businesses during this construction period.

Steve Hernen, Director of Operations and Protective Services noted that the infrastructure is failing and the longer we wait for construction to be done, the higher the chances of repairs having to be conducted.  

In the end council voted in favour of going ahead with the project in 2021 on the accelerated schedule.