Huntsville Hires Consultant For Wayfinding Project

Huntsville Hires Consultant For Wayfinding Project

Posted: 2021-04-28 07:25:03 By: thebay

Huntsville’s wayfinding signage is under review to address signage needs in Huntsville’s urban centre and the downtown core.  

The town says the goal of the project is to develop Community Wayfinding that helps guide people through our community to places of interest or importance, enhancing their understanding and experience in the Town.

The signage system will assist individuals in simplifying their routes around Huntsville, helping them get to their desired destinations as easily as possible.

The Town has hired Stempski Kelly Associates to complete a Community Wayfinding Strategy that will identify key community destinations, key routes, sign locations, outline fabrication and installation costs as well as provide draft design ideas.  

Residents are being encouraged to participate in the process by completing the Community Wayfinding Strategy Survey on, or signup to get updates on the process.