Huntsville Hospital Foundation Announces New Board Members

Posted: 2021-06-30 10:49:38 By: thebay

The Huntsville Hospital Foundation announced a new Board Chair for a two year term last week. Margaret Mah has been on the foundation board for the past four years and is a Chartered Accountant.  Margaret is Director at University of Toronto, and prior to this she was in finance and administration at the Hospital for Sick Children.  Margaret has been a resident on Lake Vernon for the past twelve years.  

Cathy McMurray was thanked and celebrated for her successful two year term as Chair. She will remain on the Board as Past Chair for another two year term.

Paul Thomas said good bye as he completed his terms with the board. Paul was an integral part of the Foundation’s growth and success over the past seven years. 

Huntsville resident Mike Harrower takes on the position of Vice Chair. Mike has been on the Huntsville Hospital Foundation Board for three years.